S Machendranathan
physical attendance
S Machendranathan

AERA (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority)


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As India’s airlines look to the future and the use of SAF, what options are there to both reduce emissions and offset operation risk? Airports are stable investments, revenue generators and built with sustainability at their core. Can airlines tap into this? How can India’s aviation sector develop a forward thinking framework to develop new relationships between airlines and airports? What should the regulatory framework look like to develop new PPPs with concessions for green infrastructure? Should the government head towards a more light touch approach? Which opportunities are airlines best suited to pursue and expand their airport-based earnings?

S Machendranathan
ex-Chairman, AERA (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority)
Amber Dubey
ex Jt Secretary, MoCA
Julian Carr
Chief Marketing Officer - Airlines & Route Development, GMR
Vasudevan S
Partner and Global Sector Lead (Airports), KPMG Ireland