India’s aviation sector is open for business, and the Government is driving growth to support regional economic growth and connectivity. How will it achieve this and what opportunities are therefor international investors?

The latest news from International Financial Services Centres Authority and its achievements in aviation to date

Dipesh Shah
Executive Director, IFSCA

The latest news from International Financial Services Centres Authority and its achievements in aviation to date.

Kumar Narayanaswami
Commercial & Aircraft Lease Management, Acumen Aviation
Vishok Mansingh
CEO, Vman Aero Services LLP
Ashutosh Sharma
General Manager, IFSCA
James Collins
Partner, Stephenson Harwood

How the Government of India is supporting aviation through a robust regulatory landscape to protect aircraft owners and operators and give confidence to new entrants to the market. Cape Town Convention Bill progress and Aircraft protocol Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA’s) Other domestic regulations affecting India’s aviation sector

Nitin Sarin
Managing Partner, Sarin & Co

An overview of leasing in India and opportunities for international and domestic lessors

  • How healthy is India’s aircraft leasing environment?
  • Where is growth coming from?
  • What’s the outlook for the next 12 months?
Alok Anand
Chairman & CEO, Acumen Aviation
Rajarshi Sen
CFO, Vman
Dave Beary
Chief Risk and Investment Officer, SES

What appetite has the domestic and international investment and lending sector towards India’s aviation industry, and where are the key opportunities for institutions?

Shashank Jain
Head of Legal, Vistara

As India’s airlines look to the future and the use of SAF, what options are there to both reduce emissions and offset operation risk? Airports are stable investments, revenue generators and built with sustainability at their core. Can airlines tap into this? How can India’s aviation sector develop a forward thinking framework to develop new relationships between airlines and airports? What should the regulatory framework look like to develop new PPPs with concessions for green infrastructure? Should the government head towards a more light touch approach? Which opportunities are airlines best suited to pursue and expand their airport-based earnings?

Vasudevan S
Partner and Global Sector Lead (Airports), KPMG Ireland

Opportunities in India’s aviation infrastructure space - 100 airports and 1000 routes have been proposed by 2024. Where will investment come from and what opportunities are there for both international and domestic investors and developers? What role will airport and infrastructure development and modernisation play in opening up new routes in India? Are there opportunities for international developers and investors to access new projects? What role can Regional Connectivity Schemes play in the expansion of India’s airports? How can airport operators keep costs down to attract more airlines? Human capital development - Capacity building for skills and staff – what are the key challenges?

Julian Carr
Chief Marketing Officer - Airlines & Route Development, GMR

Exploring the aircraft and airlines servicing and support sector. Where are the key challenges and how are they being met?

D. Anand Bhaskar
Managing Director & CEO, Air Works

How is India’s domestic MRO sector meeting today’s servicing challenges? Who is driving evolution and what levels of service are available on the ground? Rationalised tax structure driving growth Meeting demands for engine overhaul services in India – are airlines taking up the slack? Capacity building and developing new capabilities

Are OEMs ready to service SLB requirements or is their greater appetite for pure play leasing?

Ben Gan
Marketing Director - Asia Pacific, Rolls-Royce

Human capital resources are key to a sustainable aviation sector in India. What systems are organisations implementing to meet these demands?

Cargo and freight are a huge success story over the last couple of years and India has ambitions to be come a regional hub in a congested market. How can this be achieved and what are the key obstacles to overcome? Meeting the challenges facing aerospace logistics – freight costs rising but capacity constrained Beating the ‘last mile challenge’ – speeding up customs Building resources in India to meet new demands Infrastructure challenges Harnessing India’s resources and technical competency

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